Registration: Individual Student

STUDENT WORKSHEET – All registration is to be done online. Worksheet is for class room purposes only.

Student Information

Age Category is determined by a student’s age even if there are one or more events of an older age category in which a student may compete in order to complete a group.

Student Entry Requirements & Limitations

Each student is required to enter a minimum of 3 events with a maximum of 10 events.These must be from at least 2 different areas of competition and at least 1 event must be in either Academics or a Platform event.

The maximum number of entries any student can enter is 10 (for several reasons). There are, however, a few exceptions to that rule: Written events, basketball, volleyball, track events, vocal ensembles and hand chime ensembles will not be counted toward the 10 event maximum.

Platform Events


Art & Photography

Needle & Thread


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