Philosophy & Purpose

A few pastors in central California having small A.C.E schools began meeting in the fall of 2005.  We felt there was a need for a Christian talent competition that would be patterned after the philosophy and curriculum of the national A.C.E. convention.  Yet, we wanted it to be under local control, geared to the numerous smaller schools that existed, and open to independent Baptist churches of like convictions.

We have no spirit of animosity or criticism towards the various fine competitions already established.  We do not seek to be in competition with any other program.  We believe we are filling a unique need that was not being met.  Set out below is our founding goals, principles and guidelines.

Why Should Your School Participate in the CCSC?

  • Motivation for students and staff to the training of our young people in developing talents and gifts that will ultimately be used in the service of the Lord.
  • Excellence – It is our desire that the challenge of competition will inspire planning, vision, diligence, and enthusiasm in preparation.
  • Flexibility to the needs of the participating schools. We anticipate future expansion of categories and events as participation grows and God leads.
  • Emphasis – In the spirit of our overall philosophy, we will have a special speaker and timely preaching will be an integral part of the competition’s daily schedule.
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