Competition Guidelines

  1. Each school must register online by March 1st.  There will be forms for schools, individual contestants, and a group events (to list which students are participating in which group events). The school registration fee is $25.00.  The individual registration fee is $25.00 per student contestant.  This does not include staff and parents. Meal tickets are $25 per person. We strongly encourage your group to eat on campus.  Preschool age children will be ½ price for meal tickets.
  2. Each event has its own judge’s form.  The student must provide three judges’ forms properly filled out for each event when they start their event.  Judges’ forms are provided in this booklet and can be copied.  There will be a charge for any copies made at the competition.
  3. For speaking and music events there must be three copies of each script or musical number which must be turned into the proper judges with the three judges forms before each event.  Note:  to honor copyright requirements, you may provide copied material to the judges, but any copies of copywrited material will be destroyed after the competition and not returned.
  4. If you are participating in chess or checkers, you must supply your own board and pieces.  In table tennis, you must supply your own paddle and balls.
  5. Music selections must be conservative and appropriate for a church service.  Any hint of worldliness or contemporary style will not be acceptable.  All music numbers must be memorized.  Another student or adult can supply accompaniments for musical numbers, but it will not be judged as part of your event.  Recorded accompaniments are acceptable only if it is piano alone.  You must bring your own CD player.  Professional recorded accompaniments are not allowed. No handwritten music will be allowed.
  6. No microphones or amplification will be allowed in any events.  Students should be trained to project their voice.
  7. There is no category for classical music.  All music should be music suitable for a church service.  Certain classical numbers that are clearly identified as hymns or traditional church music would be acceptable.  An example would be  “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” by Bach.
  8. All musical selections will have a time limit of four minutes with the exception of piano solo-that will be a five minute limit.
  9. All scripts for speaking events should follow a theme of Christian content.  Permissible themes would include:  character building, historical accounts, Bible themes, or patriotic themes.  Strictly secular stories, poems, or themes are not acceptable.
  10. All speaking events such as poetry recitations, famous speech, and expressive reading will have a time limit of four to eight minutes (two to six for Juniors).
  11. No speaking or musical selections may be performed by the same individual or group in succeeding years.

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