Dress Standards

  1. We will follow the dress and appearance standards that are consistent with our school and youth group standards. Boys should wear casual slacks and collared shirts (no jeans or t-shirts).  Girls should wear dresses or skirts and blouses (no pants or jean skirts).  Worldly or fad clothing or appearance will not be allowed.  Boys and girls should have a Godly and holy appearance and demeanor.  School uniforms would generally be appropriate as long as dresses are of proper length (bottom of the knee or longer).
  2. Girls especially should avoid immodesty in its various forms.  Tight or form fitting clothing, see through or clingy material, low-cut neck lines and exposed mid-drifts, or extremely low waist lines are all examples of unacceptable dress.
  3. Individuals not in compliance will not be allowed to register or remain at the competition.
  4. All staff, sponsors, and parents would be expected to follow the same dress standards.  Anyone not adhering to the dress code will be asked to change to be in compliance or will be asked to leave.
  5. Boys hair should be nearly trimmed – off the ears and off the collar.
  6. For platform competition, all students will be required to follow dress standards in Platform guidelines.

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